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Automotive Accessories


RoadCraft Automotive accessories offer Cargo Webs for truck beds and ATVs and a new Universal Coupler Lock. These versatile and economical products are an excellent addition to your current product lines and will increase customer satisfaction. All RoadCraft products include Alco’s famous personal service and the best warranties in the business.



Alco Personal Accessories Programs


Alco’s profitable strong impulse items include Lens Cache eyewear, Blue Claw personal accessories and Tool City hand tools. Each has a variety of products in quantities and displays to fit any space. These include floor displays, hanging displays for narrow spaces or end of isles, and convenient counter displays. Make the most of your valuable retail space, and enjoy Alco’s famous personal service commitment and 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Lens Cache

Lens CacheLens Cache offers a wide range of eyewear in a variety of styles. Lens Cache’s lines include Doyles and Lens Cache Plus designer sunglasses, Micro Vision pocket readers, Safety Glasses and Lens Cache economy sunglasses and readers. With fantastic margins and great impulse appeal, Lens Cache will bring you steady profits. Available in several quantity package deals, with different sizes of floor, hanging or counter displays.

Lens Cache

Blue Claw

Blue Claw Blue Claw

Alco introduces this trendy new brand name for the personal accessory category. This exclusive line includes items that are great for backpacks, key chains, tool belts, belt loops, luggage and more.

Accessories Include:
Decorative spring hooks
Small, personal combination locks
Pocket knives, etc.

Available in a variety of Ready to Sell Displays!

Contact Alco Sales & Marketing

If you are interested in selling any of our innovative products,
please contact Alco at 1-800-499-2526
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