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Higher Retail - Higher Value

TC Blue Tools
  • High Piece Count Sets!
  • High Value Specialty Tools!
  • More Revenue Per Transaction!
  • NEW! TC Blue Products

Tool Cache Blue Program $8.88 to $9.99

Tool Cache Blue TableTool Cache Blue applies all the lessons we have learned about tool tables to higher value tools and sets. The result is a $9.99 retail table that will generate the same or greater sales-dollar revenue than TC Red table in the same store.

Tool Cache Blue has the same unconditional warranty that all Tool Cache programs carry. The TC Blue tools are not simply higher quality versions of TC Red tools. TC Blue offers more expensive specialty tools with retail values over $20, as well as larger sets and hard to find electronic devices that are growing in demand.

Effective September 2001, TC Blue is available in Automotive or Hardware assortments to meet the specialized needs of more customers.

Tool Cache Blue tools are packaged in high quality slide-blister or double-blister packages on attractive blue color-coded cards. Each item carries a unique UPC code to assure an accurate POS sales history.

If you are interested in adding the Tool Cache Blue program to you store's high traffic aisles, contact Alco at 1-800-499-2526.

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