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America's Favorite Bargain Tool Table!

TC Red Tools
  • High Volume $4.99 Retail Price!
  • Single Price Point Merchandising Has Impact!
  • In-Store Service Makes It Work!
  • NEW! TC Red Products

Tool Cache Red Program

Tool Cache Red Table

Tool Cache Red (think Tool "Cash") tool table has "bargain" written all over it. Customers can't resist hunting through the wide selection of useful tools to find exactly what they need.

There are over 140 different items available for the TC Red table! The powerful single price point keeps them coming back for more.

TC Red is available in Automotive, Hardware or Hobby & Craft assortments to meet the needs of many different kinds of DIY customers. Each package has a unique UPC code and is color-coded red so that individual package pricing is unnecessary. Every TC Red package is printed in English, Spanish and French, and proudly displays our unconditional warranty.

For more information about the Alco Tool Cache Red program or any other Alco products, contact us at 1-800-499-2526.

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